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Lijiang eternal love Case

"Lijiang eternal love" is the core product Lijiang Song Dynasty tourist areas. Lijiang songcheng tourist area by the China's first listed company Performing Arts - Performing Arts songcheng effort to build. Tourist area six kilometers away from Lijiang Old Town, next to the sea writing the natural landscape, and echoed the Yulong Snow Mountain, geographical advantages. Lijiang tourism zone depth excavation unique local cultural elements, the construction of the ancient tea horse that measures Village, Lijiang park, four sentimentalism Valley Park, to create a "Lijiang eternal love" as the representatives of the top ten performing arts "show" and two Ten projects. Everywhere within the area of ​​Lijiang thousand years of cultural history to show style song and dance performances, is a through time and space, living tea horse ancient city of Lijiang is an ideal destination for tourism.
Tea-Horse Ancient City
Tea-Horse Road Lijiang due to standing, because the Tea Horse Road and Xing, Lijiang Song Dynasty tourist areas to build up a tea-horse ancient city alive through the Tea-Horse Streets, caravan Square, Lisu village, Dai village, along the way brewery, tofu Square, tobacco Square, tea house, blacksmith shop and other workshops everywhere. Ma distant ringtones, sound horseshoe blacksmith shop, tea-horse trade cries heard; fragrance of butter, barbecue outside Giori tender, sweet smelling flowers, cakes and other delicious ...... let you experience tea through time Horse tours.

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