Cement fiberboard constantly updated technology and social development association

Cement fiberboard constantly updated technology and social development association

All along, the market economy are relying on new technology to improve the level of production, reduce production costs and increase low-priced products to expand the market to promote consumers' purchasing power and add more jobs. But now the direction of development, industrial automation of production led to many technical personnel of unemployment and declining purchasing power of consumers, along with the development of fast and time-scale development is difficult to balance and the specter of a depression. Computer control of the technological revolution is self-regulation by the computer and automatic machine combination comes, industrial automation of production can bring unlimited capacity system, as the number of workers required for the application of this mode of production will gradually increasingly less. But technology to replace workers is inevitable technological development, which is economic development and progress on the road there will be problems. Generate new mode of production will eliminate some of the old mode of production, as the new material will replace the old material, like the old material has disadvantages, so we improved in progress. Such as environmental problems of modern social and economic development resulting from growing too quickly, we will have the birth of new environmentally friendly materials, such as cement fiberboard new wall materials, calcium silicate boards, inorganic pre-coated plates, etc. These materials are through people The experience was developed in the past on the basis of further research and processing, give a more suitable environment for our survival materials, cement fiberboard and calcium silicate board in insulation and fireproofing properties are very good, which would It is to be able to secure the withdrawal and reduce losses in the event of a fire fight time.
Our current society is entering a global market and the automated production of a new era of technology and the market economy are inextricably linked, continue to produce high-tech tremendous waste of resources, reduce employment, the decline in purchasing power, market economic phenomenon of inflation is getting worse. According to relevant data show that alternative employment opportunities and reducing technology, has affected the majority of people have been the breeding ground for a new so-called culture of violent crime, more and more people began to desire something for nothing. Rising unemployment worldwide and a growing polarization between rich and poor could lead to serious social unrest and public exacerbate class conflict on an unprecedented scale.

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