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Nine German explosion relief panel
Common thickness 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm specifications are 2400 * 2440 * 1200 and 1220 two kinds
Nine German explosion protection board with high-pressure nine German fiber cement board to do the base, the selection panel and add special steel made special fire-proof materials, advanced production technology and molding, pressing and other special technical processing from the fire, explosion sheet. 1. saving space without having a firm foundation; 2. antiknock strong flame; 3. easy to install, can recycling characteristics. Explosion-proof plate Common thickness 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm specifications are 2400 * 2440 * 1200 and 1220 two kinds.
Applications: 1 large warehouse fire area
2. substations and power board room
3. The oil chemical raw material storage areas
The chemical plant production area
5. The high-tech electronic control room
6. Any required to have a high risk of fire Aging area.
Nine German vents have special requirements for explosion-proof, shock-proof, such as working systems provide solutions for the sheet. It consists of reinforced cement board '> fiber cement board surface pressure of galvanized steel materials, mainly made of explosion-proof walls, ceiling-proof, explosion-proof exhaust duct / air conditioning pipe / cable pipe, explosion-proof cable protection, explosion-proof doors and multiple systems steel explosion protection. The company passed ISO9001 and ISO014001 certification.
Nine German vents compared with traditional materials: zinc plated steel, increased impact resistance; easy connection with other steel members to each other; cutting construction is simple and convenient; more flexible system configuration can provide specific solutions.
Nine German blast wall series features:
Explosion-proof: the riot gun system board composed of nine German explosion-proof with superior performance.
Lightweight: nine German blast walls on the total weight of less than 60 kilograms per square meter, can greatly reduce the load requirements of the overall explosion-proof construction, than traditional practices (reinforced concrete or brick walls) more structural advantages.
Fire: nine German blast walls have very excellent fire performance to meet the requirements of a variety of advanced firewall wall.
Finishes: Plate nine German explosion protection system used is nine German explosion-proof version, is a composite cement substrate in decorative and functional no special requirement, can be directly used as the surface layer; if desired decorative or functional We can do a variety of finishes processing the request.
Nine German blast doors Series Features:
Good explosion: Explosion-proof door system board composed of nine German with excellent explosion-proof performance.
Fire is good: excellent explosion-proof door system nine German fire resistance, can meet the requirements of various types of fire-proof doors.
Lightweight: lighter than traditional blast doors many times, lightweight to meet the load requirements of the project.
Nine German explosion-proof cable protection series features:
When the explosion occurred, the system has integrity, it will not crack, maintain the security of important cable;
When the explosion occurred, the system has thermal insulation, low temperature rise inside the system, ensuring the cable is still normal temperatures.
Nine German explosion panel Applications: Commercial buildings, power plants, industrial / military, petrochemical industry, transportation facilities

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